Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Foreca Weather released

Let me advertise an application that has just appeared on Android Market.

Why? Because I was the Android programmer on this project working in cooperation with the designers of Foreca, a Finland-based weather forecast company. As you may remember, I am aesthetically challenged so the good looks of this application are all due to the thorough polishing of the Foreca guys. Foreca's vast weather network makes this application handy anywhere in the world. Weather stations can be selected by incrementally searching list or from a map, the application even finds the current location. Locations can be favourited and Foreca offers 10 days of detailed forecast. There is a widget too.

Click on the button and go to Android Market to fetch it!

Available in Android Market

Some screenshots.


Andy said...

I like the design, it's nice and clean. And the blue gradient looks just great!
Also want to learn make beautiful design app...

Android said...

Nice ... i like the design.

News on Android said...

The forecast app looks awesome. The design looks elegant. The app contains a lot of features and options which makes it easy to use. Well done!