Friday, September 2, 2011

Returning to Droidcon London

It was almost 2 years ago that I presented my beloved garage project, Dedexer at Droidcon 2009. A lot of things has happened since. First and foremost I returned to my home country, Hungary. Those Londroid meetups and Droidcon are not a Tube-ride away anymore. Then there was the step count cooperation with the University of Geneva folks that resulted in a fine paper.

In short, it is just about time to return to Droidcon.

My presentation will be a developer-centric introduction to the world of accelerometer signal processing on Android devices, representing my second employer, Sfonge Ltd. Have you ever thought about introducing features into your apps that can be activated by body movements? Maybe you haven't so it is about time you start thinking about it. Let's meet at Droidcon 2011 and I will explain to you, how simple it is to add such a feature.

Well, that was a lie. Motion recognition is not trivial but exactly that's why it is worth learning about it.