Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Android training in video format

I received an e-mail asking me to advertise another Android training material. And I do it because I have never seen an Android training in video format before.

Here it is, lo and behold.

I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical. If there is a text material and video (e.g. on a news site), I always choose the text because I read pretty quickly. But I leave the decision for you. Try the free sample (increase the resolution and make it full screen, then it becomes readable) and if it works for you, consider subscribing to the course for an - IMHO - quite modest fee.


Chris said...

Nice. Also, found some of these videos useful. Complete videos from a 5-day android training class... and they're free.

Amit said...

Guys I have funding...fairly good and am starting a Android set up to address the needs of the largest market in the world. The VC's are optimistic...can we talk...please advise. I am the ceo at Intelikore. My email address is I can be reached at 408 375 9200.

Pls advise


Michael said...

Though we are ( a direct competitor of Marakana, I've always admired their willingness to openly share their training resources with others. We are also working on a set of training videos based on past Android Bootcamp sessions that we plan to publish publiclly.

Alex said...

Online live interactive training and regular class training for android at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos,it were very useful.

shabu gupta said...

project inspire is really a great revolutionary idea.thanks for sharing such a valuable information